A Touching Story

Jessie was instrumental at a time when tragedy took place on the campus a year or so ago. A young female student died suddenly and we were called to the campus to help visit the other students on the floor where this girl lived.  Another female student was crying and took this death of her friend very hard. When I saw her I asked if she would like to hold Jessie she said yes through her tears and hugged her and buried her face into Jessie’s side. She then asked me her name and I told her it was Jessie. She cried and squeezed Jessie and said her friend who had died, her name was Jessie too!  She whispered to me, thank you for letting her hug and hold Jessie, it felt like she had her friend in her arms again. Soon her tears stopped and a smile came to her and she felt a burden and been lifted off her shoulders, wow! This dog program at Kent State University is one of a kind and i am very proud to be a part of it for the last four years. Thanks to Dr. Adamle for having confidence in me, jessie and candy to be a part of this loving, giving, pet partner program. —Eddye White

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Dr. Kathy Adamle


347 Henderson Hall

College of Nursing

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Kent, OH 44240


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