Upcoming Events Schedule

Sept. 15 (Fri) Kent Student Center Ballroom, 3pm – 4pm

Oct. 4 (Wed) Kent Stark Campus, 11am – 1pm

Oct. 5 (Thu) Kent Student Center, 11:30am – 1pm (National Depression Screening Day)

Oct. 9 (Mon) Wright Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Oct. 10 (Tue) Beal/McDowell Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Oct. 12 (Thu) Manchester Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Oct. 16 (Mon) Wright Hall Living Learning Center, 7pm – 8pm

Oct. 19 (Thu) Centennial A & B, 7pm – 8pm

Oct. 24 (Tue) Kent Stark Campus, 11am – 1pm

Oct. 25 (Wed) Centennial D & C, 7pm – 8pm

Oct. 30 (Mon) Koonce Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Nov. 2 (Thu) Centennial C & D, 7pm – 8pm

Nov. 9 (Thu) Lake Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Nov. 16 (Thu) Wright Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Nov. 29 (Tue) Wright Hall Living/Learning Center, 7pm – 8pm

Dec. 5 (Tue) Prentice Hall, 7pm – 8pm

Dec. 6 (Wed) KSU Bookstore De-Stress Fest, 3pm – 5pm

Dec. 7 (Thu) Kent Stark Campus, 11am – 1pm

Dec. 11 (Mon) KSU Library Finals Week, 3pm – 5pm

Dec. 12 (Tue) KSU Library Finals Week, 3pm – 5pm

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For More Information, Contact:

Dr. Kathy Adamle