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The Board of Directors of Dogs on Campus Pet Therapy Program have suspended visits until Spring of 2022 for everyone’s safety.

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A Touching Story

Hi Kathy,

I just want to share some comments I received yesterday and today during our visits. Yesterday a freshman, with a big smile on her face, told me this was the first extracurricular event she has attended at KSU. She was loving every minute and regrets not coming to them sooner. Today a senior informed me that he hasn’t missed a single DOC visit since his freshman year! One of the most heartwarming was a senior and a freshman sitting beside each other petting Oliver. They did not know each other. The freshman was stressing over chemistry. The senior informed her that it’s the professor’s job to help her and they are willing to help if she asks. He also told her she’s got this. She wouldn’t be here if she couldn’t do it. The encouragement and mentoring that went on was beautiful and makes it so worth grooming my dog and bringing him for visits. I’d guess about 95% of the students thanked us for being there. These special moments make me feel so happy to be a part of DOC. Thanks for all you do to bring this about!

Thank you so much for this program at KSU!

— Ruth and K9 Oliver

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Dr. Kathy Adamle