Currently Part Of The DOC Pet Therapy Program

Meghan & Raven

Raven is a female American Staffordshire Terroir, also known as a pit bull. Raven was approximately six years old when Meghan adopted her in May 2018, and is registered through Therapy Dogs International. Raven is 90 pounds and believes she is a lap dog. Her favorite activity is playing chase and wrestling with her younger brother, Rocky (pit/boxer/mastiff mix). Though Raven is not buoyant, she enjoys swimming and playing on sand in the warmer months, and rolling around in the snow during the winter.

Rebecca & Iris

Iris is a female Bernese Mountain Dog, or “Berner”. She was born on November 29, 2015. This breed is not to be confused with a Burmese python or cat. The Berner Sennenhund comes from the Canton of Bern in Switzerland, where they were bred as a working farm dog.

Iris is a 100 lb. lap dog and loves attention; however she sheds a lot! Her favorite thing to do is play in the snow and eat sticks. She also enjoys attending local baseball and ice hockey games.

Iris is a little shy at first, but loves people and other dogs as well as her 2 adopted sisters (Gracie & Itsabella). Iris is a registered therapy dog through Pet Partners, and earned the AKC Good Canine Citizen (CGC) certification. She has achieved the Novice Title in AKC Rally, and also participates in the Stark County District Library Pups & Pages reading program.

Wendy & Kobe

Kobe is a male bernese mountain dog who was born in May, 2011. His breed originated in Switzerland, where they served as multi-purpose farm dogs that pulled carts to market, herded livestock and guarded their owners’ homes. He spent much of his first five years in training for competitive performance events and has earned a dozen different titles in competition obedience and rally. Now that he is retired from competition, he can focus on a new job that just happens to be what he likes best of all–getting attention and petting from everyone he meets. We are happy to be a part of the DOC Pet Therapy program!!

Kathy & Bridget

Bridget O’Brien is a Golden Retriever and one of the new members to the Dogs On Campus Program in 2013. Her 2 big brothers, Patrick and Jake have been with the DOC program since its’ inception, so she will carry on the “Golden” tradition for Dr. Kathy Adamle. She loves to play fetch with her favorite ball, and is always willing to give hugs to everyone. When Bridget is excited to meet you, she will actually “smile”, so look for her happy personality when we visit with the other teams.

Kathy & Kate

Kate in an English Cream Retriever who loves to visit with people and give hugs. She is the little sister to Bridget and will take turns visiting with Kathy.

She loves to play fetch and retrieve with her ball, and enjoys belly rubs for relaxing time. She is learning agility and loves to run through the tunnel!

Luci & Lar

Alaric (Lar) is a registered border collie born January 27, 2015. He is a very small border collie weighing only 30 pounds but has enough energy for four dogs. He loves to go on walks, has his own private trailer when he hits the bike trails with me and loves to ride in the car. He also gets very, very excited when we arrive at agility class. He challenges me to find new tricks and games and thoroughly convinced that everyone was put on this earth to pet him. He is registered with Therapy Dogs International and we are so pleased to be a part of the Dogs on Campus Program and look forward to meeting many new friends.

Eddye & Candy

Eddye White, Jessie, and Candy have been volunteering through the Delta Society pet partners for ten years. They started visiting with Robinson Memorial Hospital in 2002 with the Love on a Leash pet therapy program. As a pet partner team they have been involved with Dogs on Campus since 2007. Jessie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, weighs 12 pounds, is very lovable and has a sweet nature. She loves to visit the students and show them a few tricks. Candy, also a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, weighs 13 pounds, and her tail never stops wagging either. Eddye calls her the party girl—she loves to run and fetch her whabba, one of her favorite toys. She loves to snuggle in the arms of everyone she comes in contact with. Eddye feels very blessed to have such beautiful and loving dogs to share with the students, and that they are able to help students who feel homesick and miss their own pets at home.

Eddye & Savannah

Savannah, a tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was born April 19, 2012 and was registered as a Pet Partner Therapy dog in October 2013, when she was 1 1/2 year old. She enjoys visiting all the students, who love her long ears and happy personality; her tail never stops wagging. Her nickname is Savannah Banana because she is like a monkey, loves to climb and hang on everyone. She is very playful and loves to jump and hop. She is the youngest of 4 Cavaliers, living with brother, Buckeye, and sisters Jessie and Candy.

Eddye & Hunny

Hunny is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is loving and very sweet. Hunny loves to snuggle in your arms. She also loves to chase butterflies. Hunny is a new team member with Eddye! Please make her feel welcome!

Dawna & Calli

Calli is a Doberman adopted from Hand Me Down Dobes, a purebred Doberman rescue here in Ohio. She has show cropped ears and a docked tail. Dobes are a highly intelligent and energetic, yet sensitive, working breed that form strong bonds with their people. When Calli has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and is certified as a therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International. Calli believes in “paying it forward” and volunteers as an ambassador for the breed at rescue events. She is our newest member to join the Dogs On Campus Pet Therapy Program.

Cindy & Folly

Folly is a lovable Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or “Toller” whose breed nickname reflects their tendency to frolic or toll along the shoreline to attract or lure ducks in for hunters. She is a great little swimmer and loves the water. She will retrieve sticks and bumpers from the water all day long. Folly enjoys doing agility with her human companion Cindy and has her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TDI (Therapy Dog International) certifications. Cindy is a proud alumni of Kent State and is enjoying being back on campus with her pal.

Sandy & Sophie

Sophie is a MALTIPOO, born in Missouri, June 2011. Her mother is a white maltese and her father is a black toy poodle. She is small and only weighs 8 lb. 3 oz. Sophie is a new pet therapy dog, just becoming registered a few months ago. She loves people, especially children. She has taken classes in puppy training, obedience, rally and good citizen. She is registered as a therapy dog at Pet Partners and as a Canine Good Citizen. She loves to go walking in the woods and playing fetch with anyone who will throw her toys. She wags her tail all the time and is always upbeat and happy.

Pete & Gryffin

Gryffin is an energetic Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or “Toller”, the smallest of retrievers, developed in the early 19th century to toll, lure and retrieve waterfowl. The playful action of the Toller retrieving a stick or ball along the shoreline is fun to watch. Their water-repellent double coat is any shade of red, often with white markings. Gryffin enjoys meeting people and going to new places. He has a serious work ethic and enjoys agility training sessions with his human partner, Pete. He has earned a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) Registration.

Pete & Raven

Raven is a petite lovable Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or “Toller”, the smallest of retrievers. Tollers lure and retrieve waterfowl. The playful action of the Toller retrieving a stick or ball along the shoreline is fun to watch. Their water-repellent double coat is any shade of red, often with white markings. Raven enjoys meeting people and loves to play fetch. She enjoys obedience and agility training sessions with her human partner, Pete. Raven has earned a STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Therapy Dog International (TDI) Certification. She is very sweet young Toller.

Susan & Bentley

Bentley is a Yellow Labrador Retriever, he was born March 6, 2014. His full name in Bentley “Our Heart Healer” because he came to me and my family during a very sad time in our lives and healed our hearts. Bentley loves to eat-pretty much everything. He is certified with Pet Partners and also has his AKC Canine Good Citizenship. He also loves to run and play agility. Together as a team, We are excited to share together Bentley’s gentle soul with the many students at KSU.

Flo & Luke

Luke was adopted through the efforts of Hand Me Down Dobes rescue where I’m a volunteer. He was an owner surrender who was much loved by his owner who lost her home. She still keeps in touch and is very happy with Luke’s progress as a therapy dog.

Ruth & Oliver

Oliver is a loving and energetic Havanese, born Jan. 11, 2012. Havanese are the national dog of Cuba and were recognized in the toy group by the AKC in 1996. Oliver earned his CGC title when he was a year old and his Rally Novice Title before he was 2 years old. Oliver has been registered with TDI since 2014. He loves people and enjoys being part of the Stow-Munroe Falls Library Book Buddy Program and visiting a Hattie Larlham group home. He has participated in the “Hounds for Hattie” Dog Show and Paws Fest. Oliver enjoys agility training, playing ball and tug, going for walks and most of all, being petted and snuggling up in a lap. We are excited to join the Dogs on Campus Program in 2015.

Brenda & Gina

GINA, a Labradoodle (Lab/Poodle Mix) loves walking in the woods, hunting field mice and squirrels, and most anything that moves, followed by snuggling up on the couch. She likes being close and sleeping on her back with her long giraffe-like legs sticking up in every direction. Her eyes are windows into a sweet, loving soul. She has competed in Rally Obedience and achieved some awards and titles. Currently, Gina is training for Agility Competition.

Cheryl & Ace

Ace is a Havanese born January 11, 2012. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Ace is Oliver’s littermate. 🙂 They had their first reunion in July, 2014. I just got Ace in May, 2014. Ace passed his Canine Good Citizen test July, 2014. He passed his Therapy Dog International test in November, 2014. He just started visiting local nursing homes. Ace is a sweet, mellow Mama’s boy. He’s a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. He’s currently enrolled in Rally Class. At home he loves playing with his new sister, Jinxy (Miniature Pinscher) and new brother, Paco (Chihuahua mix).

Karen & Kayden

Kayden was born on July 31, 2013. His breed is Havanese. Kayden is a very busy therapy dog! in addition to working with Dogs on Campus he is a member of the Doggie Brigade for Akron Children’s Hospital and also works with the Wagtime program at Summa Hospital. His favorite toy is Blue Duck and his favorite treats are frozen blueberries, popcorn, and baby carrots. Kayden’s favorite things to do are playing with his brother Kody and “working” at all his therapy jobs to make people smile.

Lisa & Gideon

Gideon Gideon is a beautiful Black Great Dane. He was adopted about 1 1/2 years ago from Royalty Dog Rescue. He lives with 3 other Great Danes and they all enjoy spending time at Bow Wow Beach in Stow, socializing with the humans. Gideon also volunteers as a donation collection dog for Hand Me Down Dobes, a purebred Doberman rescue, in memory of his brother Chance. He is a Canine Good Citizen through the American Kennel Club and a registered therapy through Therapy Dog International, Inc. Gideon is very excited to be a member of the Dogs on Campus program.

Jackie & Milo

Milo is a Poochon, which is a Toy Poodle and Bichon Frise “Teddy Bear” mix. He is a lap dog and loves to snuggle, play with his “people,” and have lots of attention poured on him! Milo is considered one of the hypoallergenic breeds, because he does not shed. Milo is outgoing, energetic, loving, and loyal so visiting with him is a lot of fun! He has earned the American Kennel Club Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen certifications and holds a Therapy Dog International (TDI) Registration as a pet therapy dog. Visiting with everyone on the Kent State campuses makes Milo a very happy pup!

Pam & Zlaty

Zlaty is a Lab / Golden blend which I refer to as a “Glabrador”. He was born 10/31/14 and being part of a Halloween litter, was initially named Casper. When I adopted him, I renamed him Zlaty, which is Czech or Slovak for “golden”.

Zlaty loves to eat, play with the other dogs at home, eat, play ball, do Lab rescue work with me and did I mention eat? He is a most lovable goof who is loved by all. Zlaty loves to attend Dogs on Campus visits. He just takes in all the love and has been known to work in a snooze, complete with snoring. What’s not to love?

Linda and Dani

Dani is a black Labrador Retriever who hails from an extensive breeding line of field trial heritage Champions. Dani is also a Nationally certified Search and Rescue canine who finds live people when they are lost. Dani is a new member to the DOC program with her handler Linda. Please make them feel welcome.

Cindy & Savvy

Savvy is an energetic Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who loves to swim and catch frisbees. True to her breed, she will dive and retrieve in water. She loves to chase ducks and geese and yes, even squirrels! When excited, her breed is known to emit what is referred to as the “toller scream,” a sound that is not for the faint of heart.
When she is not hanging out on the KSU campus or reading with children at the local library, Savvy can be found running around an agility course or taking rally obedience classes with her mom Cindy.

Dog Team Memorials


We said goodbye to Ernie, a 15.9 years old Shih tzu, who left us on January 26, 2020. He was a beloved member of Ruth’s family and became a therapy dog in 2009. As a member of the Dogs On Campus Pet Therapy program, Ernie was very popular with the Kent State University students and visited often. Run free Ernie.

Kathy & Jake

Jake, a 10 year old Golden Retriever, left us on October 18, 2014. He and Patrick provided the inspiration for the development of the DOC Program. He competed in the breed ring, received his CDX Obedience title and his Rally Excellence Obedience title. Jake was also certified as a National Search and Rescue K-9 when he was 4 years old as a trailing and Human Remains K-9. He was a team member of the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit and used for Human Remains detection work. Jake was nationally certified by NAPWDA, NASAR, and LETS. Jake was a certified as a Therapy Dog with Pet Partner’s. Jake was also the “voice” of the BARC Alert: Be Aware, Respond, Communicate. Each month, Jake told the KSU students about mental health programs and health promotion events happening on the KSU Main Campus.

Kathy & Patrick

We lost our beloved 13 year old Patrick on March 17, 2014. He and Jake were the inspiration for the Dogs on Campus Program. He enjoyed visiting KSU students, hugged everyone who would pet him and provided comfort at students of the Allen Hall fire. At 2 years old, Patrick competed in the Agility ring and also received his Rally Excellence Obedience title. At 4 years old, he certified as a National Search and Rescue K-9 and was a team member of the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit and was used for Human Remains detection and article work. Patrick was nationally certified by NAPWDA, NASAR, and LETS. Patrick was registered as a Therapy Dog with the Delta Society and proved to be a well-rounded Golden Retriever, perfect for any job.

Ruth & Reggie

Reggie, our wonderful “Gentle Giant”, 6 year old Great Pyrenees, left us on July 10, 2013. He had been a member of the DOC Program since 2008 and will be missed. He always gathered a crowd, students loved him and came to visits especially to see him. He was also part of the Love on a Leash Program at Robinson Memorial Hospital. His brother, Tyler, will carry on the tradition in the DOC and LOAL programs.

Joni & Molly

Molly, a very loving and faithful Chocolate lab therapy dog left us on January 12, 2012. She was with the DOC Program for 2 years and with Love on a Leash at Robinson Hospital for 9 years.

Helen & Emma

Emma, a brown Newfoundland passed away in March. She was a stylish lady with bows in her fur, always gentle, loved by the students and a wonderful addition the DOC Program.

Holly & Mindy

Mindy, a Golden Retriever, was born in May, 10, 2005 and passed away on April 28, 2015. Holly and Mindy were registered as a Therapy Dogs International team in June 2012. They visited with children at the Stow Munroe Falls library, senior citizens at nursing homes and Kent State students when they joined the DOC program in August 2013. Mindy enjoyed visiting with everyone she met and they were made happy by her presence.

Amanda & Quincy

Quincy, who passed away on April 10, 2014, left a legacy of providing therapy to Kent State students and patients at Children’s Hospital. Rescued from the Portage Animal Protective League at 7 months old, Quincy soon earned his CGC and began training and competing in agility. He earned over 50 titles in agility, including a CPE championship title. After a partial ACL tear curtailed his agility career, he became a member of the Akron Children’s Hospital Doggie Brigade and enjoyed more than 500 hours cheering up pint-sized patients. In 2012, he got to make his stage debut in the Weathervane Playhouse production of Annie, playing Annie’s beloved dog Sandy.